Grass roots action that is diverse, distributed and low to the ground.

93 months remain until the end of 2020’s by which time we must halve emissions.
Globally the pace of change towards net zero emissions is not meeting the need for change if we are to avoid exceeding 2+ degrees warming. Governments, business and other organizations are consistently not meeting commitments made over past decades. Institutionally most are not fit to meet the scale and pace of transformation that is necessary this decade.

We need an alternative way to accelerate change and empower individuals to take action and we need governance frameworks and systems that reflect both the urgency and the existential threat of warming.
Anthropogenic climate change respects no boundaries, jurisdictions, nations, cultures or economies.
Because it will impact all life on Earth we need systems that are applicable universally that also provide an ordered, coherent and rapid response.

CostCarbon is a non government organisation that recognises every one of us have a role to play.
As an enterprise we aim to put the capability to take direct action in the hand of every human. We propose a system to which we all may transition that separates good from bad practice, reverses loss of value throughout the material flowcycle and distributes opportunities and outcomes more equitably.
To stop global warming and build resilience in democracy for future generations we need the concerted and collective actions of people globally.

Join us here and be part of the solution.

NOTE: This web site will be built with your content just like solutions will be built with your action. Lean in and reach out!

Thank you.

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