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Both terminal economy (<10% value cycle) and regenerative economy (<90% up cycle) may be found in this diagram.  
The stakeholders of commerce, government and the consumer are the same.
The new, regenerative, circular and counter economy however has a greater level of accountability applied by the consumer of products and services to the supply system.
This level of accountability is most easily and rapidly delivered through a new currency, a hybrid digital human centered virtual currency. 
This new common currency allows equal and voluntary transparency on both sides of the transaction.
The most evident benefit of this approach is that the information and choice is enabled to the consumer.
The consumer in a circular economy becomes a 'utiliser' of natural resources and beneficiary of services.
Value is lost less to externalities and growth is limited only by our capability to service the satisfaction of the commoner.

The diagram says much.
It can be inverted, reversed and doubled.
All sorts of shapes can be formed in more than one dimension.
An organic social system made up of humans and what they do every day.

We are all human.

Infinite deviations on the same theme, inputs, reactions, outcomes.
But humans can tell the future.
The power of reason sets us apart from most other species and today most machines.
It is through this agency with some help from machines that we will avoid the worst of our fears.

There is more than abundant of everything on this planet.
There is no logical reason for anyone to go without.
There is every logical reason for everyone to have enough.
Cycle, cylinder, spiral, springs, channels, pipes and paths.

Chains bind, are weak and inflexible, they are out, channels are in
Community owned common wealth.
Crowd source/verification is core to trust and clarity in commerce.
Applicable at community level.

Crowd declared value criteria as communities of procurement, dispersed globally.
Human homologous agile machine facilitated systems.
Aspiration; burn nothing.
First pivot; net zero.

Commerce: Text
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