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The Challenge:
Less than 7 years remain to halve emissions and other wastes. 
Each month that passes with no discernible change in action, is a significant and increasing percentage of the time remaining available to halve and finally eliminate emissions.
Around the world governments are reluctant or not able to make the change necessary.
Businesses are not structured to make the change in the time available, they see it as a risk or cost to their business.
Individuals, consumers and producers do not have the tools available to understand the implications of the choices they make. 
Existing policy supports business as usual which excludes most social and environmental costs. 

The Mission:
We are on a mission to slow, stop and reverse warming waste and want in seven years.
A just transition; from one state to another, must be fast, universally accessible, coherent, and resilient.
We must transition from a linear state of extraction, externalized costs and exploitation,  to one of regeneration of natural systems, inclusion of environmental costs and social equity.  
Only then can we hope for the transition to be resilient to future shocks and defense of future threats.
The opportunity needs to be fair and equitable for anyone.
That is our aim.

Who we are:
CostCarbon  is a not-for profit with global ambitions.
We have developed a methodology we call Commons Governance; a tool that allows for the tracking and disclosure of all environmental and social inputs into the lifecycle of any products or services. This gives great advantage to both sides of any procurement activity. This allows individuals and collectives to demand that purchases are meeting environmental or social guidelines and provides a clear and auditable method of proving environmental credentials.
We have developed the most advanced, cheapest and most scalable system to halve emissions and meet the net-zero commitments of businesses and governments- anywhere! 
The tool is based on existing relationships and provides mutual assurance of trust to any transaction.
Commons Governance provides a pathway to a fast, equitable transition from a state of terminal behavior to one of collaboration where humanity is in balance with nature.

The Opportunity:
Every human alive has an opportunity to influence the future. Let’s make it count together! 
This approach is independent of business or government, not motivated by profit, and not owned in a conventional sense because every one of us plays a part in the future.
This  universally applicable methodology for accounting of social and natural capital needs to be realised as fast as humanly possible.
- Your support will help demonstrate a growing commitment to the necessary change.
- Every contribution is another vote for a new system of accounting for financial, social and natural capital. 
- Your support will enable projects and communication to take action and spread the word.
- You will help realise what humanity is capable of, our potential in the face of this species level emergency.

The 7-year Plan
This initiative has a 7-year all-inclusive plan. 
The aim is to develop the next stage.
We have a number of projects where we can demonstrate the market opportunity through the system to government and business.
All of us are changing the world we live in with every action and every transaction every day.
However small that impact is, it is cumulative and compounding. 
All of us are involved, and all of us will benefit if we stop warming waste and want. 
This system can be used by anyone anywhere.
You, I, us, everyone can fix global warming through small cumulative and compounding impact.

The Ask:
We are seeking funds to: 
- Support a number of projects that will demonstrate the benefits to communities, business and government.
- Grow our network of people like you.
- Build the relationships we have with each-other, in business and with our natural world.  
- Communicate the opportunities to family,  friends, communities and others to enable that change.

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