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A New Economic Paradigm for Balancing People and the Planet
We advocate for a profound change in the current economic framework, one that is rooted in the principles of fairness, sustainability, and respect for planetary boundaries. We believe that it is imperative to redefine the way we perceive and implement economic transactions to establish a harmonious balance between people and the planet.

  • Reimagining the Purpose of the Economy: We believe the economy should serve as a bridge connecting people and the planet, not as a force that drives them apart. Our economic activities must foster a relationship that respects both human needs and planetary limitations.

  • Revamping Transactions: We propose a new transaction model based on three dimensions: price, cost, and value. This holistic model factors in financial, environmental, and social considerations, aiming to ensure equitable and sustainable exchanges.

  • Unveiling the Hidden Costs: We aim to shed light on the hidden costs currently externalised in transactions. By measuring and accounting for these unseen impacts, we can enable more transparent and equitable economic interactions.

  • Embracing Carbon Measurement: Carbon, as a universal element, can serve as a baseline measure in our transactions. This method aids in revealing true environmental and social costs and unlocking significant growth potential.

  • Prioritising Material Abundance: Energy, material, and information are fundamental ingredients of all products and services. We advocate for an economic system that recognises and promotes efficient utilisation and cycling of resources, ensuring material abundance and equity.

  • Recognising Universal Ingredients of Products and Services: We acknowledge the universal nature of embodied energy, material, and information in every product and service that is transacted globally. We aim to ensure these common denominators are accurately measured, valued, and accounted for in our new transaction model. Recognising these elements can lead to an improved understanding of real costs and values, fostering a more balanced and transparent global economic system.

  • Advancing Towards a New Economic Framework: We propose Costcarbon, a distributed autonomous organisation, to guide us in this new economic framework. By conducting economic practice trials worldwide, we aim to establish a global network committed to trading goods and services in harmony with our planet.

  • Empowering People and Communities: We believe in the power of individuals and communities to define what they value and demand it from the market. In response, suppliers will design, demonstrate, and deliver goods and services aligned with these demands.

  • Reinforcing Democracy: We are committed to a governance system that defends democracy, believing it to be the most effective form of government to manage both natural commons and artificial constructs.

We invite everyone to join us in this transformative journey. By redefining our transactions and the way we perceive value, cost, and price, we can create a resilient, inclusive, and equitable economy that honours the balance between people and the planet. We strive for an economic system that serves all, not just the few, and protects our shared home for generations to come.

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