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The urgency for action

Updated: Apr 24

By the end of 2020's we must reduce our emissions by half in order to avoid exceeding 2+ degrees of warming.

Unfortunately, the current pace of change towards net zero emissions is not sufficient to meet this goal.

Governments, businesses, and other organisations have not been meeting the commitments made in previous decades to address climate change.

We need a different approach to accelerate change and empower individuals to take action and 'own' the change.

Our humanity is our common denominator!

Businesses and governments are collectives of individuals, making decisions for different motives but at the end of the day we all have similar needs, aspirations, family and friends who we love and are answerable to.

We need ways to make meaningful change and we also need governance frameworks and systems that recognise both; the urgency of the existential threat of climate change and also our agency as individuals and in communities.

Everyone has a role to play in addressing climate change.

CostCarbon goal is to give everyone the ability to take direct action to address the issue.

We propose a system that distinguishes between good and bad practices, reverses the loss of value in material flow cycles, and distributes opportunities and outcomes more fairly.

In order to stop global warming and protect democracy for future generations, we need the collective action of people all over the world.

Join us and be part of the solution.

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