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We are group of individuals committed to a diverse and resilient future for life on Earth.

Commons Governance is a new approach to measuring, managing, and restoring balance to the relationship between humans and nature. Our approach is guided by principles such as Earth being our home, the value of life, and the importance of our individual and collective contributions to the diverse and variable systems of life on Earth.
We believe that the purpose of the economy is to manage and support life on Earth and it should be accessible and accountable to everyone. Growth is natural and an economy that matures and grows in harmony with life on Earth is essential.  We need to change the way we approach economic growth to prevent harm to nature. By valuing, counting, accounting and costing carbon, we can couple humans to nature and restore balance.
We have a limited time to reverse the negative impact of linear economic growth on the environment, and it is crucial that we work together. Capitalism today relies on competition, waste, and scarcity for growth, where growth is measured solely in financial terms. However, we need to prioritize collaboration and sustainability instead. We need to account for externalities and build circular regenerative economic systems.
Imagine a system that coherently measures growth in financial, social, and natural capital dimensions?
The potential for economic activity is doubled and doubled again, growing downwards and outwards distributing benefits more widely at source.
A regenerative economy is one that restores the commons of clean air, land and water, one that values the environment and human well-being and what connects us all.
Join us and be part of the solution!

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