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Welcome to our website! We propose a new approach to measuring, managing, and restoring balance to the relationship between humans and nature.
Some of the principles behind this approach are: Earth is our home, life is valuable, and everyone has something valuable to contribute to the diverse and variable system of life on Earth.
The purpose of the economy is to support life on Earth, and it should be accountable to everyone. Economic growth is how humans manage life on Earth, but we need to change the way we do this so that it doesn't harm nature.
We can do this by valuing and costing carbon, which is a way to couple humans to nature and restore balance. We have a limited time to reverse the negative impact that linear economic growth has on the environment, and we must work together.
Today's capitalism relies on competition, waste and scarcity for growth where growth is measured only in financial terms..
Instead, we need to prioritise collaboration and sustainability.
Imagine a system that coherently measures growth in financial, social and natural capital dimensions? The potential for economic activity is doubled and doubled again.

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